4 Quadrant Charts with optional labels/colors

I was wondering if you had considered adding features to improve making a 4 Quadrant Chart with Optional Labels or multiple colors, etc. Basically a generic version of the Magic Quadrant with X/y axis labeled as desired.

I have seen some examples of how to do this online with Excel, but none are very smooth, but the XL Toolbox seems like the perfect place to add the features.

i know some people suggest using appspro.com/Utilities/ChartLabeler.htm to help with the labeling part.

We were recently looking at a success, vs cost type chart (low cost high success would have been in the upper right quadrant) that would have been perfect for a 4 quadrant chart with the middle lines being a median etc, but the chart was too much of a pain to setup and work.

thanks for the great tool!


Hi Alan,

the Toolbox currently has a chart commenting feature which may help you along the way. Please have a look at http://xltoolbox.sf.net/annotate. It makes coloring and labeling data points very easy.

To get your data into quadrants, I think the solution is to transform the data by subtracting the mean (or median) of from both the X and Y data. This will produce values that are more or less centered around 0, so you can have Excel’s own X and Y axes divide the chart into four quadrants. Do you need special units and/or labels on the axes?

What is your vision how the XL Toolbox could increase your productivity? I am always interested in making the add-in better. However, I must also say that I have a huge backlog of things to do, so I won’t likely be able to take care of this in the next few weeks… or months.

Kind regards


Sorry for the long time between replies. I was thinking I would be nice to have the process automated some on generating the dots and the chart.

I have seen a few websites talk about how to generate such a chart. i think it wold be cool to make that more smooth and automated.


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