Avast - Mo97:Donwloader:CK


just finished downloading from sourceforge and upon download completion,
avast reported Mo97:Donwloader:CK

please advise,
Thank you.


Hi John,

I am quite confident that this is a false positive. I have http://www.sophos.com antivirus on my development system, plus this system is a virtual box that is only rarely connected to the internet. Of course, I cannot formally guarantee anything.

There are two possible explanations:
[ol]] I know that other users have gotten incomplete or corrupt downloads as well, so I assume that one of Sourceforge’s mirror servers has a damaged file./:m]
] It may be a false alarm by Avast, possibly related to http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/05/07/avast_false_positive_snafu./:m][/ol]

You can try the direct download link: downloads.sourceforge.net/projec … x_6.60.exe

These are the file checksums for XL_Toolbox_6.60.exe:

SHA1: 7e448f1928c2f0842c2fb323847cc142fb881396 MD5: ee6c679806f3f1b08585b55d4e85934b

I use Linux to compute these, but there are numerous tools available for Windows, too: e.g. raymond.cc/blog/7-tools-ver … ha1-hashes

Kind regards


I performed an additional virus scan of the file XL_Toolbox_6.60.exe, which was also negative.