Box plot and histogram export

I am not able to export my charts (histogram and box plot) to any graphical format. Export of other “classical” chart types works perfectly, so there will be probably problem with these new types.

Here is error messarge: “The graphic cannot be exported because Excel does not permit copying it. Unfortunately, this is a permanent problem. —> System.NotImplementedException”.

Windows 10, 32 bit, Office 365 ProPlus (version 1705).

Is there any solution?


Jaroslav, unfortunately there is really no way to fix this. When exporting a graphic, the XL Toolbox requests Excel to copy it to the Windows clipboard, then obtains the metafile data from the clipboard to draw a high-resolution image. In the case of the newer chart types, Excel does not provide access to a “Copy” command. Absolutely no way to get around this.

There are other ways to produce high-resolution files from Excel charts though. They require a bit more work on the user’s part. See my blog post:

This is about SVG files, but once you have the graphic in Inkscape (or any other vector graphics software, e.g. Adobe Illustrator), you can export it to a bitmap file (PNG) as well.

Hope this helps at least a little bit!


Thanks a lot for the tip! Not so fast as within the toolbox but still good enough to produce the high resolution graph! :slight_smile: