Bug report v6.00

Hi Daniel

First, thanks for the great add-in, second following an update to the latest version 6.00 I’ve been getting an error upon opening Excel in the Module_FreeImage code. VB highlights the following code

Private Declare Function SetDIBitsToDevice Lib “gdi32.dll” ( _
ByVal hDC As Long, _
ByVal x As Long, _
ByVal y As Long, _
ByVal dx As Long, _
ByVal dy As Long, _
ByVal srcx As Long, _
ByVal srcy As Long, _
ByVal Scan As Long, _
ByVal NumScans As Long, _
ByVal Bits As LongPtr, _
ByVal BitsInfo As LongPtr, _
ByVal wUsage As Long) As Long

I have no idea what’s wrong, but it happens everytime on a Win7 32-bit PC. When exiting Excel, Excel then says it has crashed/stop working and will re-start.

Hope you can provide a fix. As this is quite frustrating I will disable the tool until I hear from you there is a fix.


Hi James,

I’m working on a fix. Unfortunately, the attempt to make the Toolbox compatible with the new versions of Windows and Excel introduced incompatibilities for older versions. It is quite complex. A new version which hopefully will work for everybody will be released soon.

Kind regards


I am having the exact same problem. Using Windows XP and Excel 2007. Please provide a fix, quickly, as it basically renders everything unusable.

I will need a little more time as I am currently fixing a few issues that came up.

swolte, for your combination of Excel and Windows I would like to suggest you continue using a previous version (e.g., 5.08) for the time being. You can get it at sourceforge.net/projects/xltoolbox/files

I cannot say now when I will have the next release ready, it may be tomorrow, it may be a couple of weeks.

Kind regards


Please try version 6.10, this should fix all these problems. Get it at xltoolbox.sf.net

Kind regards


I just found your toolbox and really appreciate the Spread Scatter function. Would it be possible to add in the ability to graph averages of data as shown in the image below? It’s easy, if a bit annoying, to do that for a single average (as shown) by adding a series from [0.75,avg] to [1.25,avg]. However, when you have multiple series per group (imagine multiple conditions for the saline group, each with their own average) it gets to be a real pain as each line requires its own series. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I totally agree with you, it’s cumbersome to do this manually for every group. I usually create just one series of bars indicating the averages, but of course this may not be suitable for publication. As you may be aware, I am directing my efforts towards rewriting the entire add-in in C# rather than Visual Basic, and I’ll probably put an ‘average’ function in there for the spread scatter feature. However, the first functionality that I am currently creating is the export feature, which has been bothering quite a lot of people with all sorts of error messages in the past.