Cannot find downloaded installer


I am new here and I am not sure how to enter a discussion or to begin anew one. Today at work (during lunch) I downloaded XL Toolbox and used it to increase the resolution in excel charts. I was soooo excited. Now I am at home and I can’t download the Toolbox. Please Help! I have Windows 10. Brand new Machine too!

I got it. My bad!!! I’m still not used to downloading things on this new machine!!! THANK YOU ANYWAY!!!

Glad you were able to figure it out!

Let me know if you experience problems!



Thank you for responding!

I just purchased a Canon Pro-100 and I plan to print Charts from Excel. I want the highest possible resolution. I tried your tool box and it still didn’t print the detail that I wanted. Excel Support has a help comment “How to Change the export resolution of a PowerPoint slide.” They change the registry. I would have to copy my excel chart to Powerpoint and then export it as a JPEG to a different file. Can you please suggest the simplest way to do this.



at first sight it appears more straightforward to not export the graphic, but just print it on your new printer. If the chart is selected when you invoke the print command, it will only print the chart and nothing else, at highest possible resolution.

I guess you tried this already and it did not work out. Next I would suggest to export the chart in question as an PDF file: Select the chart, then click ‘Save as’ and save it as a PDF file. It will only save that selected chart. You can then open the PDF file in your favorite PDF viewer and print it, adjusting the size to the paper format of your printer.

Note that this does not involve the XL Toolbox at all, but it seems to me that it is the best workflow for your case. Exporting to high-resolution bitmap files comes in if someone (i.e., a publisher) asks you to provide TIFF or similar files.

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