Cannot use ANOVA posthoc tests

I am new to statistics and found XLToolbox. I was able to run ANOVA but the posthos/multiple tab is grayed. Why is that? I have five specific groups to run

Salwa, this happens with older versions of the Toolbox if the ANOVA result is ‘not significant’. In this case, no posthoc tests would be offered. What is the version you are using? Version 6.52 and newer have posthoc tests always enabled.


I am new user of your xltoolbox and I can’t use the post hoc test tukey.
It says that DLL is missing thus, tukey test cannot be performed.
It suggests that I need to reinstall again, which I did for four times already.
I’m using excel 2016 and I installed the latest version of your xltoolbox.
Thank you!

Unfortunately the Tukey test won’t work in the current version.

If you absolutely must use it, you can get the legacy version 6.70 here.