CDF Plots

Daniel, I just stumbled upon your toolbox. Having used OriginLab and Igor Pro for years during grad school to generate publication quality plots I was a bit saddened when I took a corporate job and realized I would be permanently stuck with excel.
Your Toolbox has saved me from the ugly and generic excel plot and returned me to the world of pretty data! Thank you!

One kind of chart that I typically use is a CDF. Would this be something you could implement into your tool kit? I realize how simple it is to generate the data needed for a CDF, but an automated function built into the toolkit would be fantastic!
A sample CDF plot is below.


I think it should be possible using the XL Toolbox’ function (look for it under ‘miscellaneous’). I attach a very crude example. One may need to transform the data a bit if you want probabilities (?).

Please let me know if this covers your needs.