Chart annotation improvements

In other related posts, the question arises whether comments are a possible alternative to an annotation column. In a sense, the answer is always yes, if you’re willing to go to enough work. But a coulmn for the annotation is preferable as it is always visible, easily cut-and-pasted, and can contain formulas so that the values stay in sync with the chart (even if they do have to by manually updated using the Annotate command.) In terms of simplifying the UI issue, perhaps in multi-series charts, the annotation command accepts either comments, a single column of annotations, or an many columns as there are series. In the first two cases behavior is unchanged from the present implementation. In the last case, the annotation columns are applied to the corresponding series. Thus, no change in the dialog is required.

Telenor, thanks for your suggestions, I appreciate it. In fact I have had this very same situation for my own work just recently…