Create lecters of groups


Good evening,
I am starting now to use this fantastic tool and so I am not ready to manage all the options.
My question is: Is possible to have another list with the lecter of the groups?
In the dumbly example is pretty easy to understand that “fish” could be “a” . “snake” and “goat” are both “b”.
It could be like:
Fish --> a
Snake --> b
Goat --> b

Sorry if I am expressing myself not correctly and thank you.

Sorry, I’m afraid I’m not quite getting you. What do you mean by “lecter”? Do you wish to have letter symbols for pairwise comparisons?

Yes that was the question. :wink:

OK, but then I wonder why you just simply add a column to the left and add “a”, “b”, “c” manually? Are you looking to save time typing these letters? Or is there some other magic the you want the Toolbox to perform that I am still not getting?