Error bars with Excel 2013 - Both top and bottom tail


I was wondering if there’s a way to default error bars to top and bottom in Excel 2013?
When using an older version of excel it would do both tails as default with the cell locations automatically pasted in, but with Excel 2013 i have to select each set of error bars > Format Error Bars > Both > Custom > Specify Value > copy cell locations from Top to Bottom.

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please have a look at the XL Toolbox Preferences, “Error bars” tab. You can make the error bars always point in both directions.

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These “down” error bars (whiskers) extend from the bottom (left) edge of the 2Q Box … The new series is added as another column or bar stacked on top of the existing ones. … Excel draws both secondary axes, but the vertical one is hidden behind the primary … Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 11:26 pm.