Export as TIF

Hello Everyone,
I exported Excel charts as TIF to be used for a scientific publication.
This specific journal allows the upload of charts as either TIF or alternatively as PDF. Following the upload of files a PDF document is automatically generated for revision.
I would like to note, that this Journal cannot handle the TIF format the plugin creates (“Our apologies, but the file failed to convert to the appropriate pdf and/or html file for reviews”) . So I had to convert the TIF to a PDF for upload. But then another problem occured IrfanView was not able to open the TIF file (“Invalid or unsupported TIF file.”). Windows Paint and Paint.NET were able to handle the TIF file, so i was able to convert it to PDF and upload it.
I wonder, if there is anything special about the TIF format the Toolbox is generating and if there is anything I can do about it, maybe there are some settings…

The Toolbox is still a great piece of work.

Hi William,

this is concerning. I’ve never had problems with generating TIF files so far. The Toolbox uses the http://freeimage.sf.net library to generate the graphics files, so there is little chance I can change what’s going on under the hood.

But considering that IrfanView has yet to complain about TIF files that I generate myself, I suspect that something is going wrong in your particular setting. Would you like to send me the Excel file and/or the TIF file so I can inspect them (only if they don’t contain confidential stuff of course). You can send the files to xltoolbox at gmx dot net if you don’t want to post them publicly on this forum.

Kind regards


P.S. A work-around until the problem is solved: Export to PNG, then use IrfanView to save as TIF (does not lose quality; works only with RGB color space, not CMYK).