Export for publication - figures cut off

Hello, I am using the export for publication feature and it was working well temporarily. I needed to modify the figures, and now, any figures I try to export are cut off. Only about 75% of the figure is in the file. I have tried changing size, resolution, image type. I have made brand new excel files with new figures, uninstalled/reinstalled the toolbox, etc, and nothing have worked. All images come out at about 75%, regardless of batch output or single output.
Any ideas? Thanks, Laura

HI Laura,

this is one of the export function’s idiosyncracies that I could never solve. The XL Toolbox really pushes the envelope with regard to what is possible with ‘Visual Basic’ in Excel.

I suggest you try the ‘Next Generation’ version of the XL Toolbox, available at http://xltoolbox.net/ng. While it is officially an ‘alpha’ version (i.e., in development and not ready for production use), the graphic export function works quite well and reliably. I’ve used it myself for a couple of projects already. You can install it side by side with the old version if you wish to do so.

Thanks so much for the reply. I came up with a pretty quick work-around for it; I copy/paste more copies of the figure to the right and along the bottom, so when I export it’s those that get cut off and I still have a full copy of the original figure. Can then crop it in another graphics program.

I’ll try out the alpha version too, thanks!