[FR] option to set diagram export defaults


Thanks so much for this useful plugin! It already helped me export a lot of diagrams for presentations, so I happily donated :slight_smile:
I only found it to be more click-intensive to get the desired result than IMHO necessary:

  1. The basic diagram export has no customizable options so it’s not always useful. IMHO, customizable settings would help here.
  2. The split into 3 different options is a bit unintuitive IMHO. “Export for publication” can’t save all diagrams from the file, just from a sheet, while “Mass export” can do both (although called “tables” there?!?).

Therefore, I suggest:
a) to consolidate the export options into “quick” & “advanced” or something like this. The latter getting all the nice options & a step-by-step-workflow, while the former being configurable via the global plugin settings.
b) or, to merge all currently 3 options into a single dialogue which would by default suggest the last used settings, so a single additional click would lead to a quick export, while each option to adjust the export would be just on click away.

Please let me know what you think about these suggestions.

Kind regards and thanks again for XL Toolbox :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback!

The chart export functionality has evolved slowly over time. First the was only the “quick-save” command, which does nothing else than copy the current chart to the clipboard, then use IrfanView to save the clipboard contents to file; alternatively, if IrfanView is not available, it uses a Visual Basic command to save a very ‘basic’, low-resolution version of the chart. The batch export feature originally served to quickly export many charts in this way.

The “export for publication” command was developed separately. Only recently I merged some of its functionality into the batch export feature. You’re right, it could probably be organized in a cleaner way.

What kind of settings in the basic diagram export are you missing? Do you mean a way to edit IrfanView’s plugin options?

I’ll think about re-designing these commands. However, I put more mental effort into a potential rewrite of the Toolbox using modern programming tools, as the current code base is hard to maintain.

Your donation is very much appreciated!

Kind regards


Hi Daniel!

The options are not really missing, it just would be great to assign the parameters from “export for publication”-function as a default for the quick export. IrfanView: Not sure, sorry. I’ve used it for basic image editing before, but never dived into plugin options.

Kind regards,


Ah, ok, I get it. So this would be the new ability to define profiles, then maybe two different commands: 1) Export with last profile, and 2) Export, but show list of profiles first, and allow creation of new profile. Or should it really be 1) Export with default profile, and 2) Export, but show list of profiles first…

The size of the charts of course would have to be determined by the user every time the command is issued.

The configurable options that are saved in a profile would thus be the file type (TIF/PNG/EMF), resolution, and color type.


I would vote for the 2nd idea. Profiles are a neat idea, esp. in the long-term (of a user’s life) because more projects, posters, publications aggregate. Such a function would IMHO fit well into an “advanced” or something option than into “quick export”. But somehow, it should be assignable to the “quick export”-function also. Along again with an option to make “quick export” ask the user for a certain profile each time

Stepping a bit back again to explain my thinking here: Generally (and I’m not sure if it’s even feasible) I think offering both a radically simple (on the front-end, but yet customizable in the settings) export option and one with all the paramerters would cater to the maximum number of users. To keep the former easy to use, it would need sensible defaults and the ability to pull output options from the advanced export, maybe via a user prompt like “Since your last quick export, you seem to have edited the advanced parameters. Shall I use those for quick exporting from now on?” Vice versa, the advanced export could offer a check-box like “use these settings for quick export from now on”.

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