Grouped Scatterplots

I just found your toolbox and really appreciate the Spread Scatter function. Would it be possible to add in the ability to graph averages of data as shown in the image below? It’s easy, if a bit annoying, to do that for a single average (as shown) by adding a series from [0.75,avg] to [1.25,avg]. However, when you have multiple series per group (imagine multiple conditions for the saline group, each with their own average) it gets to be a real pain as each line requires its own series. Any help is greatly appreciated.


sorry for the delayed response. I’m afraid I don’t know a good solution for this; I could use it myself all the time. My workaround goes along the lines of; I use a light-colored bar chart to show the averages. Frankly, how to have only the horizontal line of the bar chart to show the average, I don’t know.

For advanced charting techniques, Jon Peltier is the ultimate expert in my humble opinion: – maybe he already has something that points you in the right direction.

Kind regards