How to uninstall the add-in


I used this add-in in the past. I upgraded office to office 2019 (PC) and upgraded the addin. Excel is freezing and I want to uninstall the add-in. I cannot find it in C:/windows/users/myfolder, it does not show when I go in excel to file/option/complements.
How can I uninstall it ?
Thanks for your answer and for this tremendous add-in !

First of all, I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems. You should be able to uninstall the add-in in the standard ‘Windows’ way, i.e. go to the Start menu, then “Add/Remove Software”. The list of installed programs has an entry “Daniel’s XL Toolbox”.

If that does not work, please get back to me.

Thank you Daniel for your Prompt answer.
Unfortunately, I see the add-in in the program list but clicking on uninstall does… nothing.

OK, that’s odd. You can de-activate the add-in from within Excel. In the main menu (top left button), locate Settings (or Options?), then Addins, then “Go to COM-Addins”, and remove the check mark.

If you can’t do that because Excel freezes, press and hold the SHIFT key while double-clicking the Excel icon. This will start Excel in ‘safe’ mode without loading any add-ins.