How's Work Going

How’s work going on the NG Version? Last update i saw was Alpha 7. I know you were trying to build a strong foundation so you could easily add all the other stuff you wanted.

thanks for a great product!


I’ve had little time to work on it in the past few weeks, but alpha 8 should be ready for release shortly. It’s not very exciting though.

As for the new features, I am currently inventing a cell picker, because there is no such thing in C#/VSTO for Excel, but it’s much used by the XL Toolbox.

The strong foundation is there, I’ve learned a lot about something called “Model – View – View Model”, which is instrumental to modern .NET programming and helps building maintainable applications.

Stay tuned.


any new updates this?

Since alpha 12 (which I guess you’ve seen) I’ve been busy grant writing and completing an in-house project.

Graphic export is pretty stable. Next features are error bars and formula builder.

I know it takes terribly long for this, but I can only ask for your patience and point out again that I have a full-time job as a physician, do research on the side, have a family… And then finally there is my programming hobby!