I noticed a thread in 2013 looking at a bug with the following error:

Unable to create a canvas to draw image. This indicates a problem with the Windows GDI graphic subsystem. Was this resolved?
Similar, The batch export command comes up with an error stating that the charts could not be exported

Please try out the latest developmental version of the ‘Next Generation’ series: xltoolbox.sourceforge.net/blog/tags/alpha

Batch export doesn’t work with the current alpha 6, but I’ve fixed it on my developmental machine and will be releasing alpha 7 shortly.

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Hi there,

I have just had this problem as well, I couldn’t get the NG version working, so I went back to trying to solve this one. I ended up right clicking my excel icon, going to properties and ticking the “run as administrator” check box. This means I can export using the toolbox - but do get other problems. namely I can’t open a file from outside excel, I have to open excel then open the file. For what I am wanting, I have all the figures I want to export ready to go, then run as admin, export them then disable the “run as admin”. It is a bit of a work around, but it may help for a short term solution. As Daniel says, just try to get the NG version working