Image Fidelity Difference

When I updated to the newest windows and office and I believe I am using 64-bit Windows the fidelity of the images I have saved from excel under the export selection (300 DPI) or any DPI for that matter isn’t the same quality as it was before I upgraded. For example the Black card as you can see the fidelity including even the words are not as good as this green card that was saved exactly the same way prior to the update.

Note: its only allowing me to post one picture but as you can see the words are out of alignment and its not as good of a quality as the same one saved before the upgrade it comes out normal so when printed its perfect but not with this attached image. Below in the reply is the picture of a card that looks fine prior to this update.


Sorry here is the image that looks just fine and prints great.


Dear Douglas,

sorry for keeping you waiting so long. The Toolbox does not draw the images by itself; it rather asks Excel to place a copy of the graphic onto the Windows clipboard, and then has Windows draw a high-resolution version of it in memory. I, too, noticed that this does not work as well as it used to be, but it really is an issue with Office–Windows interchange that the Toolbox can’t do anything about.

But looking at your cards, I wonder if you would not be better off using a dedicated drawing tool? Have a look at Inkscape, it’s free and lets you produce very high-quality images.