I have tried to install the new version of the xl toolkit in a PC with Windows 7, and Excel 2007. When I tried to run the installation program I got an error message saying that Excel was open, but Excel was closed. After trying to accept that the intallation program remotely closed Excel unsuccessfully, I closed it. I rebooted my PC, and tried again. This time the installation procedure ran smoothly, but when I opened Excel the toolbox did not open. What I can do?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Gerardo,

this is a strange problem. I would to the following:

] Maybe the Toolbox files were installed all right, but were not successfully registered with Excel. Open the Excel menu (round button, top left corner), go to “Opions”, choose “Add-ins”, click “Go”. You will find a list of available add-ins. If the XL Toolbox is listed there, click it to put a check mark in front of it. If it is not listed, click on “Browse” and navigate to C:\Users<YOURUSERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns where you should find a file “Daniels XL Toolbox.xlam”./:m]
] If the XL Toolbox files were not installed at all, you can download a ZIP archive from, unpack it e.g. in the folder mentioned above, and then register the add-in in Excel as described above./:m][/ol]

Hope this helps!


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