Issue with Excel


Today, I installed XL Toolbox. I needed to export high res figure from Excel. It is a great tool. As soon as I installed it, I opened Excel and was able to export a chart as a figure. Later on, I opened again excel and the XL toolbox tab is not appearing. I installed again the toolbox and was able again to use it. But once I used it for the first time, once I re-open Excel, it disappear. It looks like its installation is acting as a one-time installation.


Well that should not happen. Could you please enable debug logging – once started, click on “Preferences”, then place a checkmark on “logging” as well as “debug logging”. Start Excel again, confirm that the Toolbox is not starting, then close Excel. You can now find the log file by pressing WIN+R, then entering %appdata%\XLToolbox\user. The file in question is called current-log.txt.

Please have a look at that file and confirm that it does not contain any confidential data that you would not like to share (such as your username in a directory path), then send the file to me, either by private message on this forum, or by sending an e-mail to


I was waiting to try on another laptop to see if the same issue was presenting itself. I installed it on a loan laptop from my uni and had same issue. I sent you an e-mail with the log file.


Hm. Looking at the log file, everything seems fine. This might be an indication that Excel never even attempts to load the add-in the second time around, so that it does not get a chance to write to the log file.

Right now, the best suggestion I can make is to try the latest version (7.3.2) and see if the problem persists. I have really no explanation for this strange behavior.