New user having issue with Excel 365 on windows 10

I hope I’m not just reposting anything but I have not seen the same issue as I’m having. I downloaded the toolbox and was able to use it yesterday to test the .tif conversion… worked great. This morning it started giving me errors and deactivating the add-on.

Now every time I try to install or activate it I get the message… “An unhandled exception occurred in your application. Contact your administrator or the author of this document for further assistance.”

Tried it on a second computer and it is doing the same thing, but this one didn’t even get one use out of it first.

Any ideas?

I’m having what is probably a related problem using Excel 365 with Windows 10. When I try to install the latest version update, I get an error message that says that ToolBox doesn’t work with Excel 365. However, the previously installed version is still working just fine … I just can’t update it.

Speaking of older versions, is there a place we can get the previous versions?

Could you please provide further information on the XL Toolbox version you are using? A couple of days ago I released 7.3.3 which unfortunately crashes on startup, and it’s not so easy to fix the problem. The download link on points to 7.3.2 however, which should work.

I have the Toolbox running on Excel 365/Windows 10 without problems, which means I need more information to be able to find out what the problem is with your setups.

You can get older versions at

If you are looking for really old versions, please contact me directly.