Not tested p vaules and p value 0.1


Currently, when running Anova the program will have a read out of (not tested) when the data does not fit the set parameters. Would it be possible to show the p-vaules even if the parameters are not meet. This can be usual too.

Also would it be possible to have the option to use p value of 0.1 in addition to the 0.05 for ANOVA analysis.

Thank you for this tool, :smiley:

While there’s not an option to set the alpha level, you can click on “Report” to get a detailed report with full p value. Then you can apply pretty much any alpha level you like.

With regard to the “not tested”, I guess you are alluding to the Tukey test which may show “not tested” for a pairwise comparison if another pairwise comparison that ranks higher did not reject the null hypothesis. From my understanding it does not make sense for this test to perform a pairwise comparison if a higher-ranking one did not have the null hypothesis rejected, i.e. the null hypothesis will not be rejected for this pair anyway. I might be wrong though…


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for responding.

Yes I was referring to the Turkey test as you have suggested.

The reason I ask if the not tested could be shown or alpha value could be changed was because some times the P-value is between 0.05 and 0.1 however is displayed as not tested.

This is why it still make sense to me to display all P-value.

:smiley: DWB