Objects could not be exported

I can export individual charts to images. However when I tried to to do a Bach export I was not able to export

“All sheets in workbook”, “Charts only”, tried all 3 options for the file name, jpg/png, then get the message “The following objects could not be exported” and get a list of the names.

This is version 6.53.

any thoughts or ideas on this?


I can reproduce this behavior with the “Screen resolution” setting. It does work all right with the “Print resolution” setting.

Even with “Print resolution” you can mimic screen resolution if you choose 96 dpi.

Don’t know what causes the error – there used to be problems with ‘locked’ charts (check box in Excel chart properties), but I now tried both and every time I got the error.

I likely won’t fix this as I direct my efforts to the rewrite.

Hope this helps anyway!


thanks for catching the fix of using Print Resolution. That works for me…

I agree don’t waste your time on this vs the rewrite.

good luck on that and thanks again


Indeed. Just save your time. btw good luck to you.