Odd Feature Suggestion - Ribbon Bar Managment

This may be out of scope for XL Toolbox, but something I wanted to suggest or maybe you know of something out there already.

I have realized by Ribbon Bar Tabs have become very cumbersome as I have so many between thing that come with Excel that you have to either display or turn on the appropriate add-in and other 3rd party add-ins I use (some more frequently than others)… What about an Ribbon Bad Tab / ADD-IN Manager?

Something that might make things easier to display, turn on/off ribbon tabs or hide add-ins. I have so many ribbons sometimes they don’t display well depending on my Excel Window Size.

Developer tab in Excel (tab not Add-in)
Microsoft Inquire Add-in
Microsoft Offcat Add-in – wish they would update it
Daniel’s XL Toolbox Add-in – https://www.xltoolbox.net/
FindLink –http://www.manville.org.uk/software/findlink.htm
ExcelUtilities – http://www.appspro.com/Utilities/ExcelUtilities.htm
Microsoft Power Pivot Add-in
Spreassheet Compre – http://www.thefoolonthehill.net/drupal/Spreadsheet%20Compare
Laserfiche Add-in (integration with our document management)
Unit4 Excelerator (Excel reporting from our ERP Agresso Business World)

There are other add-ins I am interested in, but I already have too much.


Feature? What do others do?

Hm, first thought – it might be possible. Ribbons are defined using a language called ‘XAML’, and IIRC you can generate custom menus in WPF windows using XAML too. If one can manage to get the XAML sources of other installed add-ins by code, this could be put into a custom window. The original ribbons would than have to be hidden by code as well. Possible that security measures prevent this from happening (lest some evil add-in messes with your proper add-ins).

I have a couple of things on my to-do list for the Toolbox. Some bugs that are being reported over and over again by users. Hopefully I’ll find some time soon to fix those bugs; and while I’m at it, it might be possible to try this out.

Alan, after some research it seems to me that it is impossible to access other ribbons from an Excel add-in, not even with read-only access.

Wow, thanks for looking into it… Really been hoping there was a clean “add-ins” manager option would make working on some displays much easier.

good luck on the other change you were going to do to XL Toolbox.