Old forum thread - Windows GDI graphic subsystem

Hi and thanks for this great tool.

I noticed a thread in 2013 looking at a bug with the following error:

Unable to create a canvas to draw image. This indicates a problem with the Windows GDI graphic subsystem. Was this resolved?

I get this error for any workbook any combination of size/format/setting "export for publication "

Similar, The batch export command comes up with an error stating that the charts could not be exported

Thanks for your help


Me too - I’ve been having this problem for about a year. I’m now on Version 6.51 in Excel 2010.

I’m sorry you are experiencing these problems. A few other users have this problem as well, but unfortunately I was never able to reproduce it on my system, which makes it impossible to fix.

The rewrite of the Toolbox that I have planned will begin with a revamped chart export function, but it will take quite some time before I can release a beta version due to time constraints here at my end.

Sorry I can’t be of any help at this point.


Oh well, just realized you are using the API. So it’s probably not feasible to manually work with the exported charts…

News! I’ve released the very first alpha version of the XL Toolbox NG (‘next generation’). It has almost no features so far, but a lot of work was done under the hood