Other Favorite Add-ins

Just curious besides Daniel’s XL Tloobox does anyone have any other favorite Excel add-ins?

What do you like? Why? URL?

Well I really only use the XL Toolbox… Except for sometimes when I need to smooth data: Jon Peltier’s LOESS utility comes in handy.

Here are a few others I have used and like, love to hear from others…

  • Microsoft Inquire add-in - Compare two workbooks, analyze workbook, show workbook links, show worksheet links, show cell relationships, clean excess cell formatting, manage passwords etc. (comes with newer versions of office but must turn it on)

  • Excel Utilities – Great Swiss army knife of Excel utilities (the website does not explain it well), Reset passwords, name manager for fixing errors, other powerful and useful utilities (Free, Closed Source, Windows, Excel 32/64bit) http://www.appspro.com/Utilities/ExcelUtilities.htm

  • Findlink - Find External links in Excel workbooks (in cells, data validation, conditional formulas, and more). Searches a workbook for a specified string (usually representing a link to another workbook) and tells you where in the workbook it occurs, optionally replacing formulas that include the string with their current values. (free, closed source, Windows, Excel 32/64bit) http://www.manville.org.uk/software/findlink.htm
    saved me much pain a few times.

  • Excel File Cleaner – Reduces the size and speed up Excel 2007 and 2010 workbooks. It will only work with the new XML file formats (XLSX and XLSM files). It cleans the files by reducing the number of styles in use and the number of activated cells. https://excelfilecleaner.codeplex.com/ (free, open source, Excel 34/64bit, Windows)