PNG Files Saving with Black Borders Around Light Text

I need to export a transparent background PNG file of a table of contents. The Chapter text is red bold Vectipede Regular font. (I have also tried a standard font like Arial). I can get the export but, there is a black border around the red font. I never encountered this in the past.

Also I have seen other posts about the rastering of the PNG images. Is there a way to get a Screenshot with a transparent background?

Please advise. Thanks

Hi @ACPhillips,

with all due respect, could it be that you are using the XL Toolbox as a tool to accomplish something that could be done much more easily with a different tool? If I had the need to produce an image of a table of contents with a transparent background, I’d probably turn to Inkscape, which lets you edit text and export it to a PNG file with an arbitrary resolution.

Behind the scenes, the XL Toolbox makes use of a graphics subsystem of the Windows operating system, and there are only limited ways to influence the outcome. I’ve seen lots of quirks in the past, unfortunately. But as I wrote above, there might be other tools that are better suited to get the job done.