Point chart

When a chart is copied and pasted, Excel does not adjust the references to the source cells. For example, if a chart from Sheet1 that shows data from Sheet1 is copied to Sheet2, it will continue to show the data from Sheet1. The Point Chart function allows you to change the worksheet that a chart is referencing.

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Hi, I wonder if there is a function that changes a chart’s references quickly. For example, if there are 10 charts to plot with the same style, I plan to copy the chart and paste it on the same sheet. Then just change the charts’ references. How can I do this kind of thing?

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Hi Jeremy,

if you want to have all the data on the same sheet, you could arrange them in columns and then use the “Move chart range…” functions.

Another way is to have the data on different sheets, then use the “Point Chart” command as described on this page.

As I keep telling everybody who do not want to hear about it :wink: I have personally taken to using R with the Tidyverse and ggplot2 libraries for most of my data analysis and visualization work. It’s not easy to learn, but there are good tutorials on the web, for example “R for data science” by Hadley Wickham.

What you describe sounds exactly like the kind of task that R/Tidyverse/ggplot2 might be more suitable for than Excel. While these tools are available free of charge (also have a look at RStudio), you do need to invest some time to learn to handle them. But I found it’s worth it. Results are 100% reproducible. Just my two cents :wink:

Thanks for your reply, professor. I will try to use R. By the way, your toolbox is useful. :+1: