Toolbox does not install correctly

I have tried to install the new version of the xl toolkit in a PC with Windows 7, and Excel 2007. When I tried to run the installation program I got an error message saying that Excel was open, but Excel was closed. After trying to accept that the intallation program remotely closed Excel unsuccessfully, I closed it. I rebooted my PC, and tried again. This time the installation procedure ran smoothly, but when I opened Excel the toolbox did not open. What I can do?

Collin, maybe you just need to manually activate the add-in. Click on the round ‘Excel’ button on the top left, choose Options from the menu, choose Addins, click on “Go” (somewhere in the middle of the window). Make sure that there is a check mark in front of “Daniel’s XL Toolbox”.

Please let me know if this does not work.