Unable to Create or Load Bitmap on Chart Export


I am have a series of moderately complicated charts to export. XL Toolbox is great, but after I export about three or four of the graphs, I start to get one of a couple similar errors: unable to create bitmap or unable to load bitmap. I’ve also received an out-of-memory error. Note that I have 32 GB of memory and have 25 GB free when exporting.

To work around the problem, I can exit Excel and restart it. Simply closing the worksheet does not work. With this process, I export two to six graphs at a time. This works OK, given I have just 18 of them, but it does get tiresome when I need to make a small change and export them all over again. Does anyone know of a fix or more convenient workaround?

I’m using the latest version of Daniel’s XL Toolbox (7.2.13) and exporting PNG, 600 dpi, grays, transparent canvas. I get the same error with TIFFs, RGB, what or transparent white canvas. I’m using Office Professional Plus 2010 with the latest patches and updates.


Sounds like a memory problem to me, despite your large amount of RAM. Do you use the batch export command, or do you export the charts one by one?

Is it possible for you to send me the Excel workbook? Please, no confidential data – change labels or remove explanatory text before sending it. You can send it to daniel at xltoolbox dot net. Or as a private message on this forum.


I’ve had the same problem occasionally in the past, and I found the same workaround … completely close Excel and then start again. I also agree that it’s probably a memory problem. I often get slow results and crashes on other software. Time for me to upgrade to more space, memory, and power.