First of all, I must accept that I cant thank enough the developer for this tool and even make it available free. This means so much to a grad student like me.

I am about to produce, 300 plus graphs for publication and was thinking if there is a way to use this module in VBA to export as a png/emf file.

Typically, I export using this tool for a publication with the following set up:

Export for Publication, width 11.0, hight 8.5, type PNG/EMF, Resolution 300dpi, color (RGB, 24 BPP)

If this is not possible, I highly suggest the developer to add a batch mode to export all charts in an workbook using the same setup.

Thank you again for this tool.

With best regards,

garghya :confused:

Hi garghya,

thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

You can batch-export all of the charts either automatically or programmatically. There’s a batch export feature built right into the Toolbox; look at “Export” -> “Batch export”.

There is also a minimal API (application programming interface) if you feel like some VBA programming yourself; look at xltoolbox.sourceforge.net/api for more information.

Good luck with your work!