Windows 10, 64 bit and Excel 365

With v 7.3.1 exe, I get 'This app can’t run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher."

With Excel 365 it runs OK for a while, then all the top menus disappear. It may be XLToolBox

Uninstalled XLToolbox v7.2.x and Excel 365 seems stable - Top Menus are not affected

David, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re telling me.

Do you now have 7.3.1 installed and everything is fine?

What’s with this error message about the app not being able to run on your PC, were you able to bypass that and if so, how?

The installer should work all right with Windows 10. But since I still don’t have a Windows 10 license (maybe I should purchase one, after all), I can’t test this myself right now.

Hi Daniel

I tried to install the latest version of XL ToolBox 7.3.1, but my Windows 10/64 (most up to date version) would not permit that (as noted). The error message was only when I tried to install XlToolBox 7.3.1 - I was not able to get around it, just not install it.

I already had problems with Excel 365 when I had XLToolbox 7.2.x (x may have been 12) - the menus just vanished when I moved between Worksheets. I was not able to determine exactly when the menu’s vanished and was not able to restore them with VBA as a work around. It meant I had to close the Excel window (from the Windows Task Bar) and then reopen the file.

The problems disappeared when I uninstalled XLToolbox 7.2.x,

At the moment I do not have XLToolbox installed at all.

I had various simple VBA macros to help me with a garden database on Excel 365. Spaghetti code, but no DLL calls or the like.

I stripped most of the Microsoft spyware from Windows 10 using Spybot Anti-Beacon, but apart from that I have a fairly vanilla Windows installation.



Hm. As for the menu disappearing, I really have no explanation. The XL Toolbox add-in adds its own Ribbon tab, but that is a well-documented standard procedure, no reason why the ribbon (menu) should vanish. There’s a tiny arrow or arrowhead in the top-right corner which can be used to collapse and expand the ribbon. Might be worth trying this if the menus disappear again.

This week I purchased a Windows 10 license and installed Office 365 on Windows 10. Apart from a DLL load problem (which I addressed by last night’s update), it works just fine. However, I did have to bypass a security warning. Since I do not pay hundreds of Euros for a software security certificate, Windows complains that it cannot verify the installer. Windows 10 makes it more difficult to install applications that do not present a software security certificate.


Only when you click on “More info” you will be presented with the option to install the application anyway:


(My programming machine is disconnected from the internet, and I’m pretty sure that my XL Toolbox is free of viruses and malware. However, as always, when bypassing security alerts, do so at your own risk.)