Worksheet management

This is intended as an alternative to the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the screen, which is often difficult to work with when you have a lot of sheets in your Excel® file.

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I have used this feature quite a lot and its useful. Unfortunately my files have very many tabs and it is temperamental. Sometimes it doesnt move between tabs - a sort of fix for this is to go to another excel file and then come back. Another issue is changing the order of tabs; after a few changes, the function is lost and the ability to move between tabs is also lost. Its difficult to replicate but definitely an issue. I thought originally it was VBA event handling, which I have found sometimes unreliable but you have moved to .net. thanks

I like this feature - I have just posted info on some issues but would also like to suggest some refinements:

  1. Move the Top, UP etc buttons to the bottom rather than side, to save screen space - there are sometimes issues when manager is removed from excel workspace.
  2. put an indicator for hidden tabs e.g. *
    thanks, great addin

I have the problem every now and then on my production machine as well, and I do suspect that it is .NET event handling :frowning: Have not found the clue yet… There is extensive logging in the worksheet manager, I’ve studied it over and over again to detect what’s going on in real life. It does not help that it is not predictable.

That sounds reasonable and doable, I’ll look into it.

Its probably not worthwhile to track microsoft phantoms - I’ll have to remember not to try to move a tab!