XL Toolbox may have caused Excel keyboard shortcut key to not work!

I recently had an issue with Ctrl + shift + right arrow stopped working. It had been working before, then one day I selected the default Add-ins shown under the XL Toolbox NG tab on the Excel menu, nothing happened, then the next time I tried to use Ctrl + shift + right arrow, an error message appeared: “Extended Chart Range: To use the Extended Chart range function, you need to have a chart!”. I tried to de-select the Add-ins, but that does not fix the issue. — I am using Excel 2010 on Windows 7 professional. I have Daniel’s XL Toolbox NG installed as an Add-in for Excel, and I also have JMP and Acrobat add-ins for Excel, and I have de-selected the Add-ins under XL Toolbox menu.
Any suggestions? Please help! Thank you!

Those shortcut keys need to be set by the XL Toolbox every time Excel starts. So if you press this key sequence and the message appears, that’s proof that the XL Toolbox is running on your system.

The most radical way to stop this is to uninstall the XL Toolbox from the system.

Alternatively, go to the COM Add-ins dialog (not the ‘normal’ add-ins!) and see if the Toolbox appears there.

If the Toolbox is running and you can see the menu (‘ribbon’), then you can adjust the keyboard settings here:

Let me know if this helps or not.

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