XL Toolbox NG and Office 2016

I just installed XL Toolbox NG Alpha 18 on a computer with Office 2016 (never had NG on this machine, but the old one was on here). Excel was closed when I installed. However when i then run Excel I don’t see the Add-in…

I did noticed that ADD/Remove Programs does have that listed.

I did an uninstall and reinstall but nothing…

Any thoughts?


Odd. Is this on a shared network drive by any chance?

Please try to manually enable the add-in in Excel (File – Options – Add-ins – Manage ‘COM add-ins’ – Go, then put the check mark in front of the Toolbox entry).

I’ve had situations like this not so much with the Toolbox, but with an in-house Word add-in that we use on network shares and with zero clients – causes me a whole lot of headaches! Hopefully this doesn’t affect the Toolbox now as well… As I said, on my own production machine I use the NG version with Office 2016 myself.

i forgot to say I did do the File – Options – Add-ins – Manage ‘COM add-ins’ , but it was not listed… I did do a brows to the C:\Program Files\Daniel’s XL Toolbox\ but a XLAM type file was not found.


Okay. That’s really strange.

One thing that occurred to me: The Toolbox relies on the presence of the .NET Framework 4.0. This is installed by default with Office 2010 and newer. My installer checks for the presence of Office 2007 and optionally downloads the .NET Framework.

If the .NET Framework was unexpectedly missing from your system, the Toolbox could not start.

Can you have a look at “Add orremove programs” to see if and which the .NET Framework is listed there?

Oh, and don’t be fooled by the absence of an XLAM file. .NET add-ins for Office (using VSTO) consist of multiple files, among them .dll’s and at least one .manifest file, but no .xlam file.

Add remove programs shows Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 version 4.5.51209. I attached screen shot.

It should be noted that I am running Windows 7 64 bit with Office 32 bit. I upgraded from Office 2013 to Office 2016. I thought it did an uninstall, but not sure it did a full uninstall and there may be something along with remnants of Office 2010.

Could the installer be confused?

I know that the old XL Toolbox worked .

OK, that’s the same as on my production system. I checked, there’s no .NET framework 4.0 on that machine either, just 4.5 (which evidently provides backward compatibility).

Coincidentally, my ‘production’ Excel crashed at work just yesterday, and afterwards, the Toolbox NG would not longer be loaded. Neither did it appear under Add-ins -> COM add-ins.

Depending how adventurous you are, you can try one of the following:

Change the name of the registry key for the add-in as shown below. Just append some arbitrary text to the key name (‘123’ in this case). That’s what I did to get my NG back. I had to manually check the checkbox in Add-ins -> COM add-ins though.


This is the situation that I have with our in-house Word add-in on the zero clients that reset the user profile every day (kind of annoying). The add-in is lost after reset. Just re-installing it does not help. Apparently Office applications have a memory of add-ins they had loaded at some point, but I don’t know (and the internet doesn’t either) where that memory is. It’s not ‘disabled add-ins’ (the solution most commonly suggested on the internet).

Alternatively, you could try to obtain some debugging information first. This requires setting an environment variable “VSTO_SUPPRESSDISPLAYALERTS” as described in http://www.xltoolbox.net/blog/2015/01/troubleshooting-vsto-add-ins-for-office.html.

BTW, unlike VBA/.xlam add-ins, the add-in information for VSTO add-ins in the registry is Office version agnostic. Look at the screenshot, the registry key does not contain the Excel version. So one VSTO add-in should be enabled for all Office versions that support VSTO add-ins. (However, MS does not recomment parallell installations of Office versions.)

I decided to try the environmental variable “VSTO_SUPPRESSDISPLAYALERTS” as i wanted to be able to give you any debug info. However something else strange happened this time. Not sure if something changed on my system or the new system variable is what caused the message, but during insulation /reinsulation I got an error/message (screen shot attached).

When i did ignore the install proceeded, I then opened up Excel and the add-in was there. I did find that I did not have the add-in listed in add/remove programs. I rebooted and tried again a few times still got the message, but now in add/remove programs.

It may be something odd with my system but not sure what.

so for now it is there, but happy to test anything else out if you need.