Cannot install new update 7.2.12, please help!

I have XL Toolbox 7.2.10, and I have been trying to install 7.2.12 for a few times. Download was successful, installation file was executed without an issue, but every time when I opened Excel after running the installation file, XL toolbox version still showed 7.2.10. I don’t know how to make this work. Please help!
FYI. I am using Excel 2010, Windows 7 professional. Thanks for any suggestions.

Can you please send me the installation log file?

To find the log file, press the WIN key together with R. This opens the ‘Run…’ dialog. Enter %tmp% and hit Enter. This opens a file explorer window with your temporary folder. It contains a file Setup Log 2017-08-01 #001.txt, with the appropriate date stamp and serial number of course.

This file might help me figure out what’s going on. Be aware that it may contain personal information such as the names of your personal folders, which include your user name.



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